Harness The Power Of Structured Data

Maximize IT Investment by Planning Now for the Future

Corporate Information Technology professionals are under constant pressure from opposing forces. Management requires IT budgets to be held constant or cut. At the same time internal and external customers are increasingly requesting content to be made available on the company Intra/Extranet. Meeting these competing demands can seem impossible without an army of database and web programmers.

All of our solutions are ready for IT deployment. Avoid any surprises with solutions that can be easily transitioned from departmental to corporate deployment, with no interruption of service. Develop your “on-demand IT infrastructure” now with our XML solutions.

Our XML server technology and associated application programming interface tool set have been built from the ground up to comply with both World Wide Web Consortium XML standards and stringent FDA electronic records and electronic signature handling rules. Solutions are designed, developed and deployed in a fraction of the time compared to other technology tool sets.

Any and all XML document type definitions (DTDs) or schema can be supported without having to design and implement dozens or hundreds of new database tables for each new data definition. Our patented technology dynamically maps the XML to and from a static Relational Data Base Management System (RDBMS) table schema. As usage and data volume increases you just have to monitor and adjust table space capacity.

The solution sets are truly web based, not just web enabled, allowing you to leverage investments you've already made in your IT infrastructure. Implementation, training and maintenance requirements are all minimized allowing you to focus on delivering value to your customers.

To find out how our products can help you harness the power of structured data, check out SPL Server. If you want to learn about other options that are built into our structured data management solutions, read the XML Sage product information.