Compare Two SPL Documents

Below is an example of how you can select and compare two SPL documents.

You choose the Compare option on the document you want to compare. The following screen will pop up allowing you to choose other versions of the same document to compare against. You may also select either all sections, or individual sections to compare as well.

Once you have selected the document to compare and clicked on the Compare button, the comparison will run and the following screen will show you which sections within the document are the same or different.

You can either look at a report for the entire document, or click on a section that is marked Different in red. The following screen shows what clicking on an individual section may look like.

You can also compare against a "Reference Label" by first choosing a product and marking it as such. The following screen shows how you would do that from the drop-down navigation list. Once selected, you will be asked to confirm, then the label will then be marked as a reference. A marked label can be removed in the same manner.

If there are any labels marked as references, a drop-down navigation list will be shown, allowing you to choose one, which will then disable all other fields as the following screen shows.